The universe of Pocket Size

As we entered into the second decade of the new millennium, the world was blessed with the birth of Pocket Size. You´re steppin´ through the door to a magical, musical universe. 

The output so far has been; The Hornplayer From the Milky Way..., the Dustman SessionsExposed Undercurrents and the 2016 LP Vemood (Cleaning the Mirror Volume 1). It´s all about vast sonic landscapes that penetrate the brain. On all levels. 

A progressive way of thinking, a progressive way of acting, a unifying progressive form of music that reaches out to everyone. 

You are invited to take part of the experience! 

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The Pocket Size Sthlm 2016 Lineup

Leo Lindberg

Leo Lindberg
(Hammond Organ)

Simon Svärd

Peter Pedersen
Kristian Brink

Kristian Brink

Lars Ekman

Lars Ekman
Peter Pedersen

Peter Pedersen
(Guitar, Composer)

Fredrik Björling

Fredrik Björling

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August 2018

Vemood LP
Vemood review cavalcade. The past year has resulted in several reviews of the latest record, Vemood.

Here are some random (and nice) quotes:

“Vemood: Cleaning The Mirror Volume 1 has at its heart rough and raw rich sounds that are so broad that I felt that the notes coming out of the speaker are almost visible and that by just grabbing one I would be lifted up to the ceiling, such is their weight.”
- Progarchives

“It is the sheer joy that is heard in the performance of the tracks that makes this album so very enjoyable.”
- Dutch Progressive Rock Page

“På Vemood blir det ett snitt i tiden, mer än en ”vanlig” konsert, eftersom musikerna ska förhålla sig till ramarna samtidigt som de ska måla innanför dem och nog gärna kladda litet, eller mycket, utanför också. I mina ögon låter det guld.”
- Universum Noll

More reviews at:
Clearly Vemood must be a catch.
Buy the CD and vinyl (limited) online

Mars 2017

You're invited! What? Yes. It's happening again! In a few weeks the third live recording will take place at Porksausage Studio. Experience the creation of the last chapter; Cleaning the Mirror, volume3.

April 16, 19:00 at Surbrunnsgatan 21, Stockholm.

Cleaning the mirror, volume 3

December 2016

A few days ago the brand new LP Vemood was released. The release would have been accompanied by a live concert, but unfortunately there was a change of plans. Look out for an upcoming live concert in the beginning of next year though.

The edition of Vemood is limited to 300 copies and quite a few are gone by now, so hurry up and order your personal copy right now!

Also, the website Stoners HiVe has a fresh review of Vemood, check it out

stoners hive - demoed

November 2016

Peter and Krister in the studio

The website is going through a graphical remake. Why you ask? It´s because of the upcoming release of the new LP - Vemood of course!

Vemood, also know as Cleaning the Mirror Volume 1 is the result from last years "Live in the studio sessions" with new material only. It's really great and you know what? Real soon you can find out for yourself. The release date is set to december the first 2016, so hang around for some great upcoming music experience.

Mars 2016

The upcoming "live-in-the-studio-album"  (yet to be named) recorded last year has been mixed recently. It will be available in all the proper formats  in the near future and that is great news. Many thanks to Farbror Fläskkorv!

Apart from that there are plans for a follow-up recording session this easter as a part of a concept. Some fellas will know about it, because they will invited (and it will be awesome!), everyone else will get a chance to listen further on.

And... the awesome site Progressor has fresh review of our latest album "Exposed Undercurrents". Five stars out of six - it cant be bad, right?

October 2015

Stuff is going on, stuff is happening. New tunes from the april live session are currently being mixed and refined at the studio.

Apart from that, a new review of Exposed Undercurrents has been spotted on the world wide web. Check it out!


April 2015

Pocket Size Live Recording of the New Record 2015
In april 2015 the next Pocket Size LP will be
recorded in a live studio session. In public. Cool huh? 


Januari 2015ObladooMore reviews exposed currently. The lovely Swedish site Obladoo checks out Pocket Size's latest record.

And the fabolous site Surf Rock Music apparently just loves Pocket Size! 


Januari 2015

The Obelisk
Pocket Size is truly happy for all the nice reviews last year. This year started out with a new review from the great site The Obelisk.


December 2014

Pocket Size Interview
Pocket Size is interviewed on Prog Sphere, also there is a review - check it out!


November 2014

Releaseparty at Fylkingen, Stockholm
The release party for the brand new record Exposed Undercurrents was held at Fylkingen in Stockholm together with the great bands Malak Taus and Octopus Ride


October 2014

ExposedExposed Undercurrents - new record
Eleven brand new compositions recorded in Sweden´s top studio.  October 18. The release date of the new album from Pocket Size Sthlm. 

Exposed Undercurrents, flawless sound, lush, beautiful artwork and marvelous tunes to indulge in. Songs to hum along to, songs to love, songs that grow on you. The album is released in 300 copies on vinyl which also contains a CD. The CD is also available on it´s own. Hey! Heres more info.