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Cleaning the Mirror, Volume 2 - Immortality

It was time to enter Porksausage studios again easter 2016. Chapter two in the sequel Cleaning The Mirror was about to be crafted. 

A couple of aspects makes it is different from it´s precursor Vemood. The melodies in these tunes are stronger and a bit more developed and a slightly darker mood is present. The guitar player Fredrik Olsson has stepped more into the focus point on this recording. He delivers some extra ordinary convincing and bluesy lines that sticks like glue to the mind of the listener. 

Krister Broberg has been the captain of the mothership and was pushing Pocket size through the session making sure that the sound was at our service as well as mixing it all together into the record you have in front of you. 

Without intentions, this time, the songs have shaped a dramatic arc where Thee Who Emerge At Dawn begins the whole musical story with its bright and gentle character, which then leaves the smooth mysticism of Clairvoyant. Then there is a mood change, where Quantum Suicide introduces a situation most described as melancholy risk taking. From the solid urberg (solid rock) bursts the rough Cyclopes and Pine Trees. End of the tracks is dedicated to the memory of the guitarist Ola Molander, who hastily and tragically passed away on December 1, 2015. The grand finale, Intergalactic Explorations makes us turn our eyes out towards the universe. 

It is bold, explorative, nervous but yet with a great deal of hope for humanity's future colonization of space ... How will it end? Well… we might know when Cleaning The Mirror Vol. 3 is among us.

The Facts 
All songs were recorded in Porksausage studios in front of a live audience April 26, 2016 except Quantum Suicide which was recorded April 25, 2016. 

Immortality is released in a limited edition of 300 copies on LP. The CD is also released in 300 copies and contains an extra song, Cyclopes And Pine Trees. The album was recorded using a Hammond B3 modified Mafy Hammond & Leslie service. All compositions were written by Peter Pedersen.

The Crew
  • Peter Pedersen – Composition and guitar 
  • Kristian Brink – Saxophone 
  • Simon Svärd – Guitar 
  • Leo Lindberg – Organ (Hammond B3) 
  • Lars Ekman – Bass
  • Fredrik Björling – Drums
  •  Fredrik Olsson, Guitar 
  • Krister Broberg – recording and mixing 
  • Lars Rosin – LP and CD-mastering

The Tracks
  1. Thee Who Emerge At Dawn
  2. Clairvoyant
  3. Quantum Suicide
  4. End Of The Tracks
  5. Intergalactic Explorations
  6. * Cyclopes And Pine Trees (CD only)


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