Pocket Size - The music

The Music

For me, composing is pretty much an intuitive process - combined with a lot of work with matching the different ideas into a whole song, and make the whole more cohesive. I´m looking for different musical patterns that could fit into the keyhole of humankind. 

I do not think that you should only rely on common ideas to reach out to people. You have to keep looking for that narrow path that is not yet blocked in people´s minds. Then you keep a steady and persistent walk towards the center of the brain where you plant your musical invention. No-one will resist, they will all be hooked on that sound.

Sources of inspiration  

Soft Machine, New York, Gong, Cream, Hatfield & The North, Eurovision Song Contest, Egg, Larry Young, Albert King, Jeff Beck, King Crimson, Captain Beefheart, Å, Oysters, Aorta, Catapilla, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Steve Hillage, Syd Barrett, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, John Patton, The Opposite, Jimi Hendrix, Hansson & Karlsson, Can, Out Of Focus, Triumvirat, Trummor & Orgel, Sagor & Swing, Katla, Mamont, Siena Root...