Cleaning the mirror - Volume 1 - Vemood


Cleaning The Mirror Volume 1 - Vemood

Don't we all let our minds wander sometimes, and get into the thoughts of where we come from or where we belong? 

As we had finished the last Pocket size album Exposed Undercurrents, I ended up there in a subconscious way. It had been a lot of hard work, stretching ideas to the limits and a little bit of artistic fatigue was present. We all know that the next step would have been to enter the working process of composing music for the rock-opera “The empty vessel of mankind is the dustbin of inhabitants in foreign galaxies”. Since we conducted rehearsals for our release show in a very special place the idea for a new recording project was born.   

The idea of letting the music take on a more of a stream of consciousness approach came to me. So the challenge was to write some music that had less twists and turns and fewer sections. When I nished writing the songs I also realized that there was a quite strong melodic orientation within the songs. The idea was to present a plain canvas and a frame to my musicians and that it was their duty to dig into the very being of themselves to make this setup come to the conclusion of a fully realized artistic expression. I guess that we all more exposed our spiritual nudity. There are a few aws in there, but they are kept to give you the genuine and honest view of the artistic process. The spirit is de nitely there in the music witch has the driving and eager force of life itself as well as an organic work. 

There is no bad performer here. All the musicians play at their top level and are really inspired in their work.


  1. Vemood

  2. Voodoo Works
Dancing With Dreams

  4. Shaving the Face Of the Earth 
  5. Volk Und Kraut

  6. Quiet Future

  7. Freddies Exploration (CD Only) 

Vemood - cover, back and sleeve



    • Fredrik Olsson  – Guitar
    • Fredrik Björling – Drums
    • Lars Ekman – Bass, Visit Lars Ekman on Facebook 
    • Leo Lindberg - Hammond B3 organ, has a fantastic feeling for what should be played on the organ. He performs on all tunes on the album and takes the music to a whole other level. Visit Leo Lindberg on Facebook
    • Peter Pedersen – Guitars, vocals, compositions, concept, production 
    • Kristian Brink – Saxophone and flute, Kristian is a great sax player who is also very skilled in arranging music. His tone is sharp and clean on all reed instruments he plays. Visit Kristians website or Visit Kristian on Facebook 
    • Simon Svärd – Guitar solo, Simon is the master of the Telecaster. He produces an edgy, clean but yet distorted tone and he sets off in all possible directions. Visit Trilobit on Facebook 
    • Krister Broberg (Farbror Fläskkorv) – Recording and mixing at Porksausage Studio
    • Tom Van Hesch – CD-mastering. Tom is a producer and part of the studio team at Big Island Sound studios. A real pro with a high standard when it comes to quality. Visit Tom on Facebook or Visit Big Island Sound on Facebook
    • Lars Rosin – LP-mastering


    "As main man Peter Pedersen and the rest of his Pocket Size guns for hire finished up the last record Exposed Undercurrents the man felt fatigued and drained. The artistic adventure had taken its toll and there was no way out. The undercurrents project twisted his mind in such a way that the only route left was to take up the stream of consciousness approach. 

    Recorded live and with only a bare framework present at the start for each of the songs, the players had to dig deep into themselves and into the energy floating around to come up with the right parts to invest in. And man, did these guys connect. Okay let’s make this quick and get the one point of criticism about the new Vemood record out of the way, it is the fact that between songs the man directs words of wisdom at us. But mostly in his native tongue. Which we unfortunately can barely understand. It also takes some of the flow out of the otherwise excellent songs. Moving distinctly into the more classic jazz-rock landscape on most of the tracks there is not one brush stroke in the wrong color. And the dynamics of the nine players working to make every painting a masterpiece seem to have been in perfect synch at the moment of recording. What views, what vistas. They definitely leave a lingering image of inspiration in the mind…" 

    Written by JK

    Vemood - front cover