Dustman Bush

The Dustman Sessions

2012 was going to be the year for Pocket Size's concept album. The working title was “The empty vessel of mankind is the dustbin of inhabitants in foreign galaxies” . 

A diligent work started with developing new ideas for songs, but somehow most of the ideas got shaped in another direction. But in the end, there were two final songs written that fit the concept idea and these got recorded in studio Cobra together with some brilliant musicians from both sides of the Atlantic ocean. 

The songs were digitally released in 2012 as a single called “The dustman sessions” . Work is still being done to finish this concept album and you will definitely be able to hear the sonic results in a not too distant future.


  1. Dustman Bush
  2. Dark Matter



  • Joe Abba - Drums, Joe is an excellent drummer who posses that restless New York playing style where he won´t let you lean back and have a break. Visit Joe Abba's website or  Visit Joe on Facebook 
  • Sean Nowell – Saxophone, Sean is a visionary composer and a terrific sax player. He runs his Kung Fu Masters in New York which offer a multi media experience in their live performances. Visit Sean Nowell's website or Visit Sean on Facebook 
  • Lars Ekman – Bass, Lars is hundred percent music. Constant traveling between New York and Europe and keeps him self busy with work. An excellent bass player and a fine reader. Visit Lars Ekman on Facebook 
  • Leo Lindberg – Farfisa organ, Leo has been playing all his life and is a young master on the piano as well as the organ. Visit Leo Lindberg on Facebook
  • Fredrik Olsson – Guitar, Visit Fredrik Olsson on Facebook
  • Peter Pedersen – Guitar, vocals, compositions and concept

Dustman Bush - front